Monday July 2, 2012 Think Before You Sign

It amazes me the number of individuals who fall into this kind of mess. It was only a year or two ago when my brother-in-law almost fell for this. He has a disability and it is applauding the number of businesses that try to take advantage of him. One time he had a loose tooth and went to a dental chain he saw advertised on TV because it was easy for him to drive to. He went there on a Friday and when he was down for dinner on Sunday and asked me if I would go with him to this new dental clinic because they wanted to fit him for new dentures. Seems he went there to have a tooth taken care of and they gave him a quick exam with paperwork for over $6,000 of work and an application for a credit card for him to pay with. We went Monday morning to the clinic and I spoke with them and they decided to not put the credit card application through and not to charge him for anything other than $40 for an office visit which he paid for on the spot. He has two teeth and before they were going to work on those two teeth they were going to fit him for new dentures and then work on the teeth. Well I took him to our dentist and all his work was done for less than $3,500, and it was done right. I remember another time when he was down for dinner, usually Sundays and Tuesdays when he said he just got a new credit card. When we asked him why he told us he went to the jewelry store he bought his watch so they could adjust the date and he did not have enough money on his cc to pay for the watch. To make a long story short they tried to sell him a watch that cost $3,500 and since his cc limit is low, for a reason, they had him take out a new one which would pay for the watch. Due to difficulty they were having with their system they had to mail the application in so he could not buy the watch till approved. There was nothing wrong with his watch other than the date was off due a new month. I almost filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office however after my discussion with the firm I decided not to. Seems every day you read about someone getting scammed or taken advantage of. I often wonder how much money these people could make legitimately. This is a must to read: $2,540 for 2 fillings? Poor hit by high costs at dental chain. Aspen Dental faces complaints of overcharging, performing unneeded care, By David Heath, The Center for Public Integrity;
Another scam you should be aware of has been around for many years and it keeps popping up and people still buy into it. Don’t be fooled. Think first. They only people who get something for nothing are the scammer who put this stuff out there. The’ great airline ticket giveaway’ that just won’t go away, by Bob Sullivan. What is totally amazing is the airlines they are promoting don’t even exist and yet because the name is similar to an existing airline people buy into it.
This also is a must to read:
It would be nice if everything we read was the truth and all the advertisements and emails we receive are legitimate however they aren’t so beware.
This is a short week because of the 4th on Wednesday. I will be doing research next week and will probably not write on the blog.
I said a prayer for you today. May GOD BLESS you, your family and the United States of America.
See you tomorrow.
Have a fabulous day.

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