Wednesday June 20, 2012 TODAY IS THANK A VETERAN DAY!

I just made that up but it is not a bad idea. Welcome back. I hope you are having a fabulous day. I am. I decided to write a little about a website I am putting together for our military Veterans. We all know our veterans while they wear the uniform however once they take it off they blend in with the rest of us. That is because we want it to be like that. Most of us that went into the military did so for the purpose of defending our country. It was our honor to serve. We asked for nothing in return other than to be respected as an equal. We look no different than anyone else. If this is the case then why are we treated different when it comes time to hiring us? When I came home from Vietnam people would look at me like I had a disease or something. Going out for interviews I felt uncomfortable with the questions asked me and then I would get the standard line, “we are looking for someone with a little more experience.” Didn’t matter what the job was the line was always the same. For some odd reason they were afraid of me. Why, I don’t know, but they were. Yes I could field strip a rifle or pistol and put it back together in the dark. Yes I could call in artillery and adjust it as needed. Yes, I could shoot a cigarette out of a mouth at 300 yards. I could do all these things and manage fifty people, run a supply room or a warehouse, even run a water purification plant for a base that housed a thousand people. The military trains people to think for themselves and to improve what they do. I know I did. The military teaches one to work as an individual but with a team where everyone knows everyone’s job to help the overall mission of the team. So how do we thank our Veteran’s? One way could be to hire a vet. If you are a business and are looking for employees why not check out what a vet has to offer. Hey you might not be able to use them but why not give them a try. That is all they ask. You just might be surprised. Give them the same opportunity as you would give someone else. Another way is to seek out Veterans in business, Veterans who own a business or Veterans who work for a business so they can proudly serve you again if you should need their area of expertise. That is where my website comes in. I have searched high and low for veterans in business for work I needed done. You know what; you can’t find them so I am starting U.S. Vets For Hire.COM. USVETSFORHIRE.COM will be a directory of Veterans in business, Veterans who own a business and Veterans who work for a business. Our purpose is to let the general public know who they are so they can proudly serve you again if you should need their area of expertise. Now the site is up but not the directory. I am working on that. Right now I am trying to locate Veterans who would like to participate in the directory. There will be an annual fee to post a listing and a portion of that will be donated to a few organizations that support our wounded soldiers and the families of our fallen brothers and sisters. Tomorrow I will be attending an event where I hope to speak with many Veterans and businesses that hire Vets so I will not be posting on my blog tomorrow. If you are a veteran and would like some more information about US VETS FOR HIRE please email me at If you know a veteran please pass this information on to them.
All WE ASK is to give us an opportunity to serve you again.
Thank you and GOD BLESS you and your family. Have a fabulous day. See you Friday.

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