Thursday January 26, 2012

Here is a statement from the Oregon Insurance Division on “who needs long term care insurance?” “At least 70 percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services. However, long-term care insurance isn’t for everyone, although everyone should plan for his or her future long-term care needs. If you are on a limited income or you expect to have little or no retirement savings, long-term care insurance might not be right for you. Some people purchase long-term care insurance to protect assets and to have more choices about where and how they get services.” Every state we have looked at so far has in one way or the other stated everyone should plan for his or her future long term care needs. It doesn’t mean you need to buy insurance. Not everyone can afford long term care insurance. Have a plan and review it periodically to make sure it is something that can easily be initiated.

Today we look at South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee. All three states have an approved Long Term Care Partnership Insurance Program.

South Carolina: brings you to the South Carolina Department of Insurance. A very appealing website that is easy to navigate. Go to Consumers, scroll down and click on Long Term Care Insurance and you are directed to a page that has all the information you need to start your research. Thanks South Carolina.

South Dakota: brings you to South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations Division of Insurance. Here is another easy site to navigate. Scroll down and click on Long Term Care, left tool bar, and you are there. Take your time and research all of the items there. Thanks South Dakota.

Tennessee: brings you to Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. As you look down the middle of the page you will see Our Agency and Divisions. Scroll over and click on Insurance. Go to and click on Consumer Resources in Quick Links. Scroll down and you will see two items, long term care companies and long term care (partnership plans). These two areas just show you who is approved to sell long term care and the partnership plan. I went back to the home page and typed in long term care in search and up came the information I was looking for. I don’t like to use search as my initial research tool because there is so much other information you can familiarize yourself with by doing your own point and click. You will be surprised the information you can pick up this way.

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